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Applying Open Space Technology in Practice

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Chapter 2: Applying Open Space Technology in Practice 


Applying OST in practice is learning by doing process, in which the broad three-stage categorization can be explored to further detailed process. The best approach/method to begin with practicing OST is by participating or reviewing some OST events. This will not only provide an opportunity to assess the application of the basic principles of OST in these events, but will also provide an opportunity to internalize and develop basic skills that are considered pre-requisite in OST.


The steps and descriptions provided in this chapter are the walkthrough of the process of applying OST in practice, however, by no means an unchangeable script. Even though the guiding principles remain the same for all kinds of events, the needs of local context, group and individual’s style will ultimately determine the best way of practicing OST. Whatsoever, the following step-by-step process and additional supporting resources is expected to be a help in equipping with some basic aspects of OST and to guide for achieving the desired outcome in more efficient way.


2.1 Planning and Preparing for the Open Space Event

2.2 Facilitating and participating in an Open Space gathering

2.3 Reflections and way ahead from Open Space gathering



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