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Resources and Sample for Facilitator

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esources and Sample for Facilitator


The OST needs very few resources, but it works perfectly when these are developed with indepth though process and polished over times with each learnings. Here are the collection of some resources and samples which might be handy at times and help you to facilitate the OST gathering in more efficient and better way. Also, at the end, there is a collection of weblinks, from where you can avail more resrouces, from other OST practioners.


  1. Calculate Room capacity for Open Space Technology
  2. Sample Agenda for two and half day OST gathering
  3. Open Space planning and preparation process detail worksheet
  4. Checklist of materials / items required for the OS event
  5. Examples of an Invitation for OST gathering from AoCL Community



Some of the other links where you can find more resources and samples:


  1. Chris Corrigan's page of Facilitation Resources
  2. Chris Corrigan collection of Open Space Resources
  3. Michael Herman’s collection of resources

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