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Reflections and way ahead from Open Space gathering

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2.3 Reflections and way ahead from Open Space gathering


As the OST gathering is concluded, the facilitator and organizing team are exhausted and might be rush to collect the materials being used for OST. They may also be bidding farewell to other participants and exchanging cards for continuing the communication. Some of them might be taking final photographs of the other documents prepared by the participants. In this rush hour, it is of great help that a brief  meeting of facilitator and organizing team member is arranged. This can than follow-up other activities before the fresh memories of OST gathering starts getting brush off. 


Reflection and review meeting


After the OST gathering is over, it is a good practice for the core organizing team and facilitator to meet immediately after the closing for reviewing the OST gathering. They can follow after action review (AAR)  (for details : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/After_action_review) methodology  or any other simple process to conduct this review process.


In our practice we have been using a variation of AAR. In this we review the OST gathering basically focussed on three aspects. i) what went well, ii) what could have been better and iii) what can be done better next time? These discussions should be documented and shared within the organizing team.


This meeting can identify immediate actions items to be carried out by the team members for completing any activities related to this gathering. It also evaluate the status of the documents and divide responsibilities, schedule a timeline for other activities associated with report, logistics, payments, thank you letter, etc. If possible a tentative time for next gathering if any can also be discussed. 


Sharing the report proceedings of open space discussions


After the gathering when the Action Plans are documented and all the reports are completed the facilitator can meet with the host within one -two weeks to share and handover the final report. This report can highlight the final synthesis of the programme discussions with proposed follow up action plans, actors and milestones. The facilitator can also work with the host in developing a common understanding with all participants on the action plan development and follow up activities in later phases.


An open common communication channel can also be setup for sharing the progress and other development with respect to follow up activities.  The facilitator can assist the organizers in forwarding this report to the participants and sharing of contact details. 


Follow up Meeting and Open space Cycle


In common OST practice, it is a good culture to host a follow up meeting to assess the progress made of follow up action plan and promises made. A small group online email group discussion or meetings can also be hosted to bring on board the actors of one specific converged topic action plan to act together.


As, OST gathering is a cyclic process. It is advised that next gathering is hosted in an interval of six to ten months (if required) depending upon the urgency and groups demand. Before starting this follow up OST event, all the previous meetings documents and progress must be reviewed before putting up new topics.


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